Amplify America’s Musical Journey

Brand USA has chosen to partner with us in a 6-month digital campaign to inspire European travellers to book their perfect US holiday, by finding the perfect destination that matched their favourite music genre. The challenge was to promote less known US destinations to a specific target audience spread across 5 key European markets.

over 33 Million

impressions delivered

over 82,500 

page views

over 48,400

clicks from traffic drivers


The insights

In 2017 launched 'Music Makes you Travel', a marketing initiative which used music to inspire the desire to travel.

This campaign gave us access and expertise in the music & travel fields, confirming that there was indeed a correlation between the two industries.

We decided to use our consolidated platforms to inform over 60M customers about America's Musical Journey, influencing their booking behaviour through their passion: music. 

The concept

We brought Brand USA’s video and photo content to life through the creation of a bespoke-design content hub curated experience. The main objectives were:

  • Inspiration and Awareness
  • Customer positive sentiment
  • Convert interest and engagement into bookings

We developed 50 landing pages in 5 different languages and promoted the experience across our owned and operated channels. 

The tactic

  • Identify 9 music genres to group destinations and interests.
  • Each genre has its own tailored content (video, playlists, images) and promotions.
  • Create 50 landing pages in 5 languages, adapted to each key market.
  • Enhance the campaign with curated traffic drivers, distributed across's owned and operated channels.


Custom-built approach


custom-built landing pages

in different languages


sub-pages in different languages

for each music genre

Creative and design

We created new logos to represent the overall experience for every single music genre.

Video banners

We have included snack videos in some of the promotional banners to attract customers exploring each music genre and its destination.

Music Competition

We launched a UK social competition to win tickets to see CHER in concert at the O2 in London.

Bespoke elements

We included a Spotify playlist created specifically for each music genre and dedicated hotel offers for every destination.


Unwrapping great results

Inspiration and Awareness: we inspired visitors travelling choices by strategically offering tailored experiences and grouping them into 9 music genres and itineraries. The awareness is attested by the incredible results of impressions, page views and clicks from traffic drivers.

Customer positive sentiment: the creative idea of bringing a contest to life allowed us to gather significant travel insights. The most relevant data we obtained was that 77% of respondents to the survey said they would consider travelling to the USA to experience the music scene or a music festival. Furthermore, the top 3 performing music genres were jazz, soul, and rock, giving us a clearer idea of which destinations would eventually become more popular.

Convert interest and engagement into bookings: results show a +17% YoY growth in room nights and that 8 of the 11 cities featured in the campaign outperformed YoY. We proved that customers are able to travel following their music passion, as we have managed to convert visitors into bookings.

Travel Insights

  • The Survey collected 25,505 opinions of which 6,165 respondents from the UK;
  • Almost half of the respondents already visited the USA more than once whilst 36% said they haven’t and would like to go;
  • The majority of respondents who have been to the USA visited California. Least popular region amongst the UK travellers is Oregon;
  • The USA is mostly associated with Country music;
  • 77% of respondents said they would consider travelling to the USA to experience the music scene or a music festival;
  • UK travellers would like to visit the USA to mainly experience Music, Culture and the Food.

Content performance

+51% more

impressions delivered

than initially booked

over 74,500

unique visitors

view the landing page


average dwell time

users stay on the landing page
Top 3 performing music genres



Rock 'n' roll

Social engagement

over 4 Million
impressions delivered
on Facebook and Instagram

completed VTR
on YouTube

Sales analysis

77% of respondents
would consider travelling to the USA

to experience the music scene or a music festival

+17% YoY growth

in room night booked

in the cites promoted

+2% YoY growth

in room night booked

overall the USA


Creative facts:

  • The Music Born In The USA brand was created in honour of Brice Springsteen's 1994 hit record; Born in the USA;
  • The icons and layout created for every music genre were designed to mirror the same style of a digital music streaming playlist;
  • Each music pillar was promoted through the most famous song for that music genre. For example, The Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin” for Rock. This varied from the country by country;
  • The visual map we created for the experience was inspired by music concert tour maps often found on t-shirts and merchandise.

Branding exposure