Raise Awareness for Danone’s new range of yogurt

We partnered with Danone and created a 3-month digital campaign for the French market to raise awareness of their new product range. The campaign introduced a  tour around the world to discover 5 new different international flavours of the yogurt inspired by 5 different destinations.

over 11 Million

impressions delivered overall


The insights

Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs) are facing many challenges, ranging from changes in consumer taste and purchase habits to macro-economic factors.

In this context, the e-commerce world is evolving and gaining a big presence in the market.

Thanks to our consolidated platforms and our in-depth knowledge of our audience, which includes travellers who are always on the look for new adventures, we decided to mix travel and FMCGs, to create a tour inviting customers to explore not only new destinations but also new flavours around the World.

The concept

We decided to take Dani, the official Danone’s avatar ambassador, on a virtual trip around the world creating and designing new bespoke content to showcase the new product range taking inspiration from each destination. The official destinations were:

  • Iceland
  • Turkey
  • Lebanon
  • Greece
  • India
The main objectives for the campaign were to raise awareness of Danone’s new product line connecting it to some of the most beautiful locations in the world.

The tactic

1. Content: Creation of a bespoke microsite enriched with incredible content: videos, interactive maps with supporting imagery visuals of the new yogurts and the 5 destinations they are related to, featured articles on each destination written by our expert journalist, Danone’s Atlas social pages, a custom Spotify playlist and Danone Atlas discount coupon.

2. Multichannel: The campaign launched on our LMFR (homepage, results page, flights page), LMFR Newsletter, the custom branded microsite and on social channels (Instagram and Facebook).

3. Traffic Drivers: We used various traffic drivers to the custom microsite, placing them in different areas of our website.


Custom-built approach

5 landing pages

for each destination related to a specific yogurt's flavour

Creative and design

The custom microsite with Dani’s travel destinations also included various widgets to inspire our users.

Video banners

We created and activated video banners as one of the traffic drivers adopted to inspire customers about the destinations and increase awareness of the new Danone product range at the same time.

Social Competition

We launched  a contest on Facebook where we showcased a newly created original video with the flamingo, our’s avatar, tasting the yogurt in each destination.

Participants into the competition were required to answer a set of questions in order to win a trip to one of the destinations featured in the campaign.


Unwrapping great results

The campaign exceeded the forecasted results with more than 53.4k visits to the microsite, achieving an overall dwell time of 2 min 10-sec demonstrating that users were both engaged with the content and spent time discovering Danone’s new line of yogurts.

The Social Competition was well-received recorded over 11,500 participants. The campaign on social media was equally successful, with over 735k impressions.

Campaign impact

over 10 Million

impressions delivered

on the media display

over 53,400

landing page's visit



average dwell time

users stay on the landing page
Top landing page performance


04:58 min

longest dwell time


over 6,500

users which visited the page

Social engagement

over 735,000

impressions delivered


global CTR

over 390,000

users reached

over 11,500

competition entry


Creative facts

Creation of bespoke logo for this campaign.
For the city guide videos, we created some drawings that were later animated into a video.
In the social media video,’s flamingo was included to show it enjoying Danone’s new range of yogurt.