Korea Tourism Board

Acquiring new customers with custom ad creatives


Drive relevant traffic

In a two month campaign that ran from April to June 2017, Travelpeople worked with the Korea Tourism Organisation to drive relevant traffic to the tourist board’s website and promote South Korea as a holiday destination.


YOY Booking increased


click through rates increased


Identify, target and reach multiple audiences

Travelpeople used lastminute.com group’s wealth of data to identify four key relevant audience segments: the Culturally Curious, Empty Nesters, Couples and East Asia Interest (those who have already demonstrated interest in travelling to East Asian countries). From there, Travelpeople were able to simultaneously target multiple audiences and optimise and refine the organisation’s ad strategy, based on performance.


The effectiveness

This type of targeting was used to increase the effectiveness of the campaign, and it worked: Travelpeople increased click through rates by 30%. This successful result demonstrated how an advertiser targeting multiple audiences can use performance results to optimise campaigns for the most relevant audiences.