Inspire travellers to travel to Morocco

After a successful 2018 campaign, we partnered again with Visit Morocco to inspire travellers from the UK and France to book and live the perfect holiday in the countryThe main objective of the new campaign was to drive tourism and bookings encouraging millennial travellers to discover Morocco in a new way, learning how to surf, trying out new food, and living incredible adventures.  We decided to build this campaign taking 2 content creators to Morocco following them with cameras. 

over 12.8 Million

Impression delivered

over 4 Million

Video  views


The concept

We decided to invite our audience to discover Morocco and Find their perfect wave”.

In life we are all looking for the perfect wave. It is a special moment in time, an experience that provides an absolutely exciting and thrilling ride.

Surfers may say that the perfect wave peels across the ocean for what seems to be an eternity, like the best memory you could ever experience. The thought of danger, adventure, discovery, happiness is overpowered by excitement and fun.

We believe that the search for the perfect wave is not just applicable to surf, but it also represents a positive attitude and mindset in life. Morocco offers so many opportunities to let customers live the perfect holiday. We grouped these in 3 Core Pillars: Surf, Adventure, Lifestyle.

The strategy

We decided to promote Morocco mainly through the creation of new, fresh and engaging original content to help us reach out to our young target audience in a new way. We did this through:

- Bespoke microsites built around the 3 core pillars

- Influencer Marketing Activation in Morocco

- Professional Video Content Creation in Morocco

- Video Banners (with original videos)

- Extended Native promotion

- Social media promotion (Facebook, Instagram and Youtube)

- UK and FR competition to win respectively GBP500 and EUR500 to be spent towards a trip to Morocco.

The tactic

1. Content Strategy and Design:
following the three client’s pillars we created 3 high quality videos with specific storytelling to showcase the best aspects of every pillar. The videos were showcased in the bespoke landing pages.

2. Influencers Activation:
we selected two of our travel  influencers, with a strong community of followers in UK and France and an established voice on Instagram, to travel to Morocco and create highly engaging content for their audiences.


Landing pages

Creation of a bespoke landing page that displays the three pillars videos and our offers as well as the influencers’ content.

Original video content

Following our influencers adventures we created 3 high quality videos and logos centered around the content pillars


We took our influencers around food markets and restaurants in order to represent Morocco's rich culinary tradition. We filmed everything of course.


We took our influencers to experience some incredible adventures, which we also captured on camera: hot Air Balloon flight, dune Buggy driving and souk market explorations.


We took our influencers to surf in one of the best surfing camp in Morocco, where they received a training lesson and found the perfect wave.

Influencer campaign activation

  • 2 influencers selected from an international network of 290k+;
  • 1 creator from UK market strong UK following and eng. rate;
  • 1 creator from FR market strong FR following and eng. rate;
  • 1 channel: Instagram;
  • 10 days of filming in Morocco travelling across multiple areas/sites;
  • More than 20 new pieces of content produced;
  • Dedicated project and talent management across the entire project;
  • Plus content created by the talent for free to further boost their experience on field.

Social media activation

The exclusive and original content produced with the influencers were repurposed throughout network and beyond.

Created to work across:

  • Instagram posts, video and stories
  • Social media paid promotions
  • ATL campaign


As part of our social media campaign, we have also promoted the new original videos created for the campaign across our owned YouTube channels in all five markets (with dedicated logos in different languages) for a min of 00:30 seconds views. 

Digital media amplification

On top of social campaign, we promoted a digital media campaign, across all our the relevant properties in our owned, operated and extended network.

Scaled both direct and programmatic delivery via our media ad-tech in house. Formats delivered: IAB standard, Video Banners and Native ads.

Social competition

We launched a social competition in UK and France to win £500/€500 in travel vouchers for a trip to Morocco.

The competitions were delivered in our social page and through our display campain.


Content performance

over 12.8 Million

Impression delivered

over 18.2k

clicks to landing page

01:23 min

average dwell time

Social media performance

over 4 Million

video views

on our properties and external like Youtube

over 963k

posts engagement

on social

over 4.5k


to the UK competition

Influencers impact





Key results

over 29.5k

unique page views

over 27k

user engaging


click through rate

Sales results


PAX generated over the campaign period

over 155k

room nights booked during the campaign