Turchia bianca

Earning fame among a multi-channel campaign


Earning fame

Raise awareness of Turkey as a alternative winter destination to consider for the Italian audience. Raise Turkish Airlines’ profile as global airline for leisure tourism.


Content produced

across multiple media and social formats

over 2,25 Million

Total impressions generated

across social and media integration

up to 4x

Boost on engagement rate

on co-branded Instagram executions


The insights

One of the undiscovered gems of the world, in the hearth of Turkey. More than 6,000 years of history, stunning landscapes and unique moments, once-in-a lifetime night ski experience and other incredible winter-sports facilities.

The real Turkey, so far so close, between ancient rituals, modern facilities and old-style slow-paced stories.

The tactic

1. Secure reach Use five travel & leisure influencers for a ‘Fame trip’ to experience one of the world's undiscovered winter gems in Erzurum, Turkey.

2. Engaging contents Add a professional tv troupe on field to film and instantly produce original video contents to share within their social streams real-time.

3. Multichannel scale Enhance the real-time broadcast with curated executions on top (exclusive formats, co-branded landing pages, digital series), distributed post-time on lastminute.com owned and operated channels.

The strategy

Use a mix of credited influencers and experienced travel video makers to create bespoke professional contents promoting Turkey as a winter destination, distributed via a multichannel campaign across all lastminute.com media networks.

We created the concept

Discover the untouched winter gem of Erzurum in Turkey.

Virgin mountains high more than 3,000mt, covered by fresh snow for one third of the year, unfrequented tracks for any age and discipline.

And memorable Night Ski Experiences.

And far beyond that, Ottoman Spas, original culinary treats, antique shops and impossible landscapes coming from than 6,000 years of history.

A cheaper, alternative break to enjoy the winter to the full, beyond the usual crowded routines.

This winter, go beyond. #turchiabianca

Scouted the best pool of influencers

Antonio Nunziata 

Federica Bassino

Daniele Desa

Bianca Senatore

Francesco Brunetti


Original contents

Exclusive, original contents produced for influencer marketing activations and for digital media executions throughout lastminute.com network and beyond.

‘Influencer-specific’ production

Tv-professional contents curation to bespokely designed as unique around each influencer invited.

5 totally different outputs, custom with specific set of content cuts based on each own influencer’s features.

Bespoke co-branded landing page

Custom page on lastminute.com, co-branded with Turkish Airlines and created via our own ContentHub solution. Enriched by bespoke editorials, exclusive promo offers and live feed of curated contents directly from the influencers in Turkey.

Multi-channel promotion

(owned network)

Digital media activation on top of social campaign, promoted across all the relevant properties in our owned and operated network.

Scaled both direct and programmatic delivery via our media ad-tech in house.


Unwrapping great results

In less than a week this campaign generated an incredibile results. Below a division on how we can analyse the insights:
  • Content production
  • Content performance
  • Social engagement
  • Media integration
Content produced


Instagram original contents
across videos, posts and Stories


partners tagged or mentioned

in ALL the relevant contents


exclusive professional video cuts
ready for advertising campaign

Content performance

over 1,2 Million

total impressions

over 490,000+

people reached

over 49,000+

total video views

Social engagement


volume of engagement


average click through rate


average engagement rate

BEFORE #turchiabianca
AFTER #turchiabianca


boost on reach


boost on engagement


video views

Branding exposure

along all the integrated campaign