Visit Flanders

Boosting awareness among multiple key audience segments


Understand your key audience

In 2017 Travelpeople worked with Visit Flanders on three campaign flights to increase awareness of the Northern Belgian region, and in particular the city of Bruges, as mini-break destinations among multiple key audience segments in Italy: young couples, over 55s and art and culture lovers.


CTR overall


CTR for 55s audience



To increase engagement, we ran campaign takeovers on the Italian and volagratis home pages (including Flights+Hotel home pages), and simultaneously targeted these three audiences with banner advertisements and newsletters, as well as videos and posts shared via social media.

After an initial evaluation, we optimised the campaign based on the audience performances, by up weighting delivery to the most responsive audience segments.

Audience - Young couples

Audience - Over 55s

Audience - Art & Culture lovers


Increasing click through rates

Using this audience experimentation technique, we increased overall click through rates for Visit Flanders by 33% during the first campaign flight on And, by focusing on the over 55s – the most engaged audience – they were able to optimise the campaign, resulting in a 54% increase in click through rates for this particular audience segment.

It is not always (and no longer) a matter of quantity, it is above all a matter of quality. Our current strategy aims in fact to maintain the volume of travellers to our destination, while at the same time increasing the share of cultural travellers, meaning those overnight visitors for whom the opportunity to experience culture is a decisive factor in their destination choice. This means that our B2B activities focus much more on trade that reaches the cultural added-value seeker, at least in one of their segments.
Travelpeople perfectly turned this brief into a concrete segmentation of the audience and guaranteed the right target to us and to our partner Visit Bruges, who shared the same vision and goals.
Giovanna Sainaghi, Director Italy for VisitFlanders