Co-Marketing & Partnership 

We help our partners achieve their objectives by adding unique and customised travel gifts

What do we do?

By adding a travel gift or incentive, we help create emotion, drive conversation, and ultimately win new customers and sales for our brand partners. Brands use our products to achieve customer acquisition, retention and loyalty objectives.


- Build awareness
- Increase footfall
- Secure new customers
- Differentiate your products
- Drive sales 
- Incentivise consumers
- Reach goals

Our Co-Marketing products

Alongside supporting our brand partners, if you’re in need of a quick prize turnaround, we can support businesses with our prize service.  We can create tailored holidays from our 400 partner airlines and 10,000 + direct hotel relationships, and your customers will always receive the same level of personalised service when booking their holiday with a dedicated travel agent.

 All we need to know is the activity dates, when the winner will be announced, preferred destination, number of travellers and your budget.


Free flights

e-Gift Cards


With 400 partner airlines and 10,000+ direct hotel relationships, is best placed to support your promotional activities on a small, medium or large scale at all times of the year.

It is important that the customer journey reflects the value of the prize, so we have put in place a personalised customer journey whereby your customers will speak directly with a member of the team when booking their holiday.

Free flights

By mirroring the customer journey of booking a flight through, we have developed a platform which shows only live available flights from a specific country or region to all destinations within a pre-agreed maximum commercial value with the partner.

This unique travel product is a powerful gift at purchase for businesses operating in competitive markets, with a customer who is used to shopping around for the best price. By bringing a free travel incentive to the journey it will make our partners proposition stand out.

e-Gift Cards

The e-Gift Cards allow access to a vast, exclusive range of products, while bearing in mind different customer profiles. E-Gift cards can be used for flights, flight + hotel packages or hotel stays.

The e-Gift Card can be used for many different reasons:
- Consumer promotions
- Increasing loyalty and retention
- Corporate rewards

- Sales rewards
- Employee rewards and recognition

The e-Gift Card is available in all sizes and can be manually delivered by email or automatically delivered via our in house built API.

Some of our partners

Want to know more about our partnerships?

Lucio Marazzi - European Partnerships Director