Travel Insights

We have introduced a market research tool that gives clients real time feedback and opinions to their travel questions from our audiences.


- Get real time opinions
- Managed service
- Cost per response pricing

What is Travel Insights?

Travel Insights is our new consumer insights tool, combining group’s first party data and the Travel People’s cutting-edge ad technology. It helps brands both in and out of the travel sector target customers with surveys within ad-formats, both on- and off-site, and provides them with unique and valuable consumer insight.

Data is benchmarked against NPS, and results are presented in a manageable, easy to use and insightful report, providing actionable marketing insights and customer opinions.

How we differentiate ourselves

Custom Surveys + AD Tech Segment / Target Groups = Scaled responses

Custom questions created

Served via IAB banners

Data management platform (DMP)

Audience extension to scale responses

Detailed marketing report

Our competitors only provide

A compelling alternative to

Focus groups

Travel Insights makes a compelling alternative to traditional focus groups.

  • Results may not fully represent the opinion of the larger target population.
  • There can be disagreements and irrelevant discussion which distract from the main focus Group discussions can be difficult to steer and control.
  • Expensive to execute and require a significant amount of time to plan, organise and resource.

Online surveys

Survey software allows users to create online surveys, quizzes, polls, and other web forms that are then distributed to product users to conduct market research or solicit feedback and opinions.

  • Most online surveys are offered on a self-serve basis, requiring both time and resource to launch, analyse and interpret results.
  • Most services target pre-existing sampled audiences to gather responses, allowing for cognitive bias.
  • Forms are typically limiting to customise and are inflexible in design.
  • The cost-per-response is often significantly higher when targeting specific consumer groups.
  • Limited number of Travel OTA’s, with an expertise in travelling audiences that offer survey tools.
  • Don’t offer targeting or segmentation from a Data Management Platform.

Top segments


  • Generally have a higher disposable income


  • Likely to search for Citybreaks

Young travellers

  • Frequent travellers
  • Enjoy going to festivals, sports events and other cultural experiences
  • Interested in travel outside of Europe


  • Likely to travel in a group of 3-6
  • Price is one of the most important search criteria
  • More likely to travel within Europe

Silver surfers

  • Generally have a higher disposable income

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